1 Card Solution in BD: Modern Automation and Improved Security

The innovations of twenty-first century has brought improved security and modern automation to your institute with the one single card! Wondering how? Well, we’re presenting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-enabled 1 card solution in Bangladesh. 

If you’re a tech-savvy person who wants to improve paid services, this solution is for you! Also, this smart card solution allows you to access a wide range of benefits including security tightening, simplifying administrative works, and enhancing paid services for campuses, hotels, and many more! 

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DSL Smart 1 Card Solution: Offered Fields of Use 


Electronic payments in campuses

Campus students does not only study but they also hit the gym, have meals in the canteen, buy stationary items, use kiosks, car parking, laundry services, bookstores, etc. So, how to automate these access? Well, loading the cards with credits will allow the students to use them as a debit card and will let the students access those features without any hassle.

Printing, scanning & photocopy service automation

DSL 1 card solution aims to reduce the costs and endless hassle of printing and photocopy management. Students will now pay for this service without any complications of coins or any secondary cards. And, the management will be accomplishing ID identification and fees collection much faster and easier than before.

Entry-exit tracking

Our radio frequency identification enabled smart cards can be the ultimate solution to track your students’ entry-exit using UHF readers and tags. If you’re a hotel owner, you can use this solution to keep track of your guests’ entry and exit time.

Car parking management automation

Our smart 1 card can be the information career to your vehicle access control, parking, and charging management. The card reader will automatically ensure the cardholders identity validation to determine if the vehicle should pass through, hold up, or charging fees.

Facility access and physical security

There’s no way to deny that the facility access and the physical security of students, visitors, and staff is very important. When it comes to ensuring security in your campus or office, you might like to hire enough security guards to protect students from unauthorized people acting as a student. So how would you allow potential visitors? Well, you can enforce them to sign in and issue them RFID-enabled smart cards to keep them in track! 

Automated access control

RFID-enabled smart cards can be the best solution not only for visitor management but they can also be great for access control to your campus, library, rooms, buildings, gyms, and many more specific areas. Providing our solution to all the students, faculties, visitors, and staff helps the security department to monitor who is accessing what and when. Now improve your place’s dormitory safety by integrating this 1 card solution with your business ERP instead of spending tons of money on high-value equipment. Using our solution you can accept and deny any physical access. 

Gym management

Our RFID-enabled smart cards will simplify gym management by helping gym access control and charging fees. 

Library management

RFID smart cards have become more popular for libraries to streamline their workflow in the areas of book issue, self-service, return, inventory management, and many more! Now track manage and locate your library materials in a faster and easier way that has never seen before.

Laundry management

Take your laundry experience to the new next level by using our 1-card as a payment method. Have a greater visibility in your laundry revenue and reduce cash handling with our solution.

Mobile authenticate

Our 1 card app login offers flexibility and versatility to mobile devices for transaction. This solution will allow the 1 smart card for various transaction from iOS and android devices via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Features of mobile authentication

  • Debit transaction

  • Verification of activity privilege

  • Meal plan acceptance

  • Mobile acceptance

  • Deposit

  • Photo display of card holder

  • Manual entry

  • Card reader

  • Printed receipt

Asset tracking

You might have reasons to track the resources of your organization. The assets may be the computers, textbook, or others. Right? Our 1-card solution can be the best bet for you. Also, our solution will let you track your vendors, visitors, and volunteers for various activities.