Daffodil Software Ltd is a sister concern of Daffodil family aims to meet the expectations of a wide range of application software to fulfill the needs of corporate sector from existing and potential market. We are providing business value to our clients from home and abroad for over three decades. Our motto is “Power to Achieve” an intelligent tool that will take your business to the next level.

DSL has an expert management team certified by the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and we follow the international compliances and standard while testing, implementing, and documenting our software products.

Software supply, infrastructure solution, and software lifecycle management are the areas we used to pay effort to. We care of our clients and we’re committed to provide technical support, information and problem solving advice to them.

Daffodil Software Limited also offers services like system integration, project consultancy, software supports, call center solution, data entry, and many more!  

What We Do?

Here at DSL, we have a vision to see the future of our client’s business and we try to serve the best to our customers. We are hundred percent dedicated to expand the opportunity to help our customers grow their business keeping pace with the latest trends and technology of business automation.

Our Services

  • We offer customized software to meet any business needs

  • Porting solutions and data migration

  • Our team of expert technical staffs are 24/7 available to ensure technical support timely and effectively

  • Our top-notch experts are always there to train you online or live to use our software products

  • We have ISTQB certified software tester for software testing service

  • Comprehensive consultation service for partners

  • We make sure that your investment leads to maximum outcome

  • We are unrivaled in graphics design, animation, and multimedia

  • We are the best in web and e-commerce development

  • We offer the ergonomic smart card solution

Our Contributions

Along with creating an emerging economy and tech-savvy manpower, we contribute to country’s unemployment problem. Also, our contribution includes-

  • Meeting the software target for local and overseas market

  • Creating job opportunities to the fresh graduates

  • Helping youth to get into freelancing career to earn foreign remittance