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Daffodil Software LTD has the right to modify the amount of any VAT payable no matter it is included in the invoice or not. The pricing policy for the cloud hosting server will be provided by Daffodil Software LTD.

In terms of cheques, they must be made payable to Daffodil Software LTD.

Projects done by Daffodil software LTD that include coding, scripts, or software will be the copyright of DSL if not mutually agreed. And, they shouldn’t be commercially reused without the authorization of DSL.

Daffodil Software LTD will not be responsible for any type of failure including recompense, cost incurrence, or loss of earnings. Also, daffodil software LTD will not be liable to any type of copyright violation affected by the content and materials uploaded by customers/clients.

Acceptance of Use

You are not permitted to use this website in any way that makes harm or damage to the website or the impairment of the accessibility of https://smart.daffodil.family.  Avoiding fraudulent, unlawful, r illegal activity or purpose is recommended.

Do not use this property to store, host, copy, send, or transmit any material that includes harmful obstacles like spyware, keystroke logger, etc. Automated or systematic data collection is prohibited.

We advise not to conduct data mining, scraping, harvesting, or extraction. Also, do not use this site to send or transmit unsolicited business communications.

Not using this website for marketing-related purposes is advised unless having written consent of Daffodil Software Ltd.

Access Restriction

https://smart.daffodil.family reserves the right to limit access to particular areas of this website. Also, DSL has the right to change the policies without any type of announcement.

Any user ID or password given by Daffodil Software LTD should be kept confidential and the users themselves will be responsible for those given access.

DSL can terminate your user ID and password without any explanation.

User Content

Under these Terms and Conditions, Your Content will refer to any text, video, audio, images, or other materials chosen by you to publish on the Site. By doing so, you grant us a worldwide irrevocable and non-exclusive license to use, publish, translate, reproduce, and distribute it to other media.

Your Content should be your own and it should not violate any 3rd-party’s rights. Daffodil Software LTD has the right to omit any content of yours at any given time without any prior notice.


Daffodil Software LTD has the right to temporarily stop the service in case of repairing, upgrading, or maintaining its system or network. Also, DSL will give the highest effort to let its users know about such maintenance.


Daffodil Software LTD will never be responsible for any kind of direct loss, indirect loss, or any special consequential losses including loss of revenue, business loss, reputations, or other business relations


Daffodil Software LTD will be able to revise and make changes to these terms and conditions. Modified terms and conditions will be applied from the time the terms and conditions are revised. Keep checking this page on a regular basis to keep pace with the current version.

Laws and Legal

Daffodil Software LTD may or may not disclose its user’s personal information depending on the laws to prevent cybercrime or fraud to protect this website and its affiliates as per the data protection act- 1998.

The given terms and conditions are governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh and any kind of disputes related to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of Bangladesh.